Governmental Managed Print Services

Managed print services for government. Managed print services benefits. printing, scanning, networking, SharePoint, Cloud Storage and more features of our document workflow services.

Managed Print Document Services for government agencies.jpgTri-Copy provides government agencies and service bureaus with instant access to the information they need to accomplish their mission, serve the public and leverage the power of their infrastructure. Manual document processes can be automated, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. You can scan, index, process and store files directly from your MFP touch-screen display, using a simple and visually appealing folder browsing feature. And through Konica Minolta MFPs, you’ll have support for authentication via CAC and PIV cards as well as Active Directory -- meeting the Two-Factor Homeland Security Presidential Directive known as HSPD-12.

• Documents scanned and filed in a single step, using MFP on-screen view to select your scan destination
• Document files can be sent to network/local folders, e-mail addresses, printers and popular document
management systems
• Microsoft SharePoint connector for document storage, accessibility and collaboration via mobile or
remote devices
• Optional connectors to cloud storage providers -- Box, Dropbox, Web DAV, Microsoft OneDrive,
FileAssist (Konica Minolta’s cloud document management solution)
• File Conversion of paper-based documents into PDF Searchable format makes information instantly
• Intelligent Redaction, annotation, watermark, split/merge, rename and image repair capabilities replace
time-consuming manual processing
• Zonal OCR for data extraction, metadata routing, ODBC processing, document routing based on
barcode and many more efficiency features