Managed IT Services for Government

Tri-Copy managed print solutions for Government Institutions.jpgManufacturers face a growing array of challenges: strict compliance requirements, complex labor regulations, unstable exchange rates and rising costs of raw materials. Konica Minolta’s EnvisionIT Manufacturing initiative addresses these business concerns with focused document workflow solutions, assistance with achieving lean manufacturing efficiencies, reduction of paper, improved business processes and comprehensive IT strategies to keep manufacturers a step ahead.

SECURITY SAFEGUARDS - to improve protect and track your financial data our bizhub MFPS offer a wide range of built in protections to meet every challenge, including strict security requirements for government contracts.
Protecting and tracking your manufacturing data. As a manufacturer you must keep track of mission-critical communications with engineers, vendors, shipping companies, clients and more.

SPEED WORKFLOW – by handling all your needs from a single point.
Leverage the power of industry of industry leading document capture and document management technology to streamline processes, reduce defects and shorten the cycle time from blueprints raw materials to product deliveries and paid invoices.

IT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS – to meet 21st century manufacturing challenges.
In a highly competitive business climate, working faster in only part of the solutions. You must also work smarter, with efficient processes that cut through bottlenecks and reduce overhead costs. You’ll have powerful document and infrastructure management capabilities, enhanced security access to cloud services and more, all without adding personnel to you payroll.