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The Old Adage

Posted by admin on July 16, 2015

Partners.pngThe old adage is true. You never get a second chance at a first impression to demonstrate your relevance to a customer. We have seen far too many companies relying on the nearest big box stores for equipment, document, and repair solutions, only to find them frustrated by their experience.

Sure, the big box merchants have larger footprints in the local communities, but that doesn’t mean they have more variety to offer you. When you walk into a store like Office Depot or Staples, you know exactly what you will find. However, when you utilize a local service technician, you are often surprised at the level of service and ease the experience brings.

In the last few years, we’ve seen businesses of all sizes bounced around the corporate maze. Too many companies rely only on their sales staff—or worse, completely on channel partners—to tell them what their customers’ experiences are like. Once the sale is complete, service is no longer a priority. And there is no dedicated representative to contact for assistance or questions.

We realize that by design we are not the largest company in the Metro Atlanta area. Tri-Copy’s heart and soul is equipment, solutions, and service.

And our foremost focus is on customer service.


Because — and here’s the kicker — We made a conscious decision to focus on customer happiness rather than profit. We understand that making money is the result of our company’s actions, not the goal.

There is no challenge too great or too small that we cannot meet. Tri-Copy strives to enhance your productivity and improve your profits by providing the right solution. We maintain a firm hand on deliverables. And we keep you informed before, during, and after the sale or lease of your equipment.

As your business partner, you are not just an account number, but you become our client. Our sales staff and technicians are always available to help. Many larger firms lose this special bond that we hold so dear. So join Tri-Copy as a client, rather than a customer and in the end, just how much that trust will increase your business.