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Your Company's IT Plan for 2015

Posted by admin on January 6, 2015

2015_cloud_phloxii-449x300.jpgHave you structured your company's IT plan for 2015 and beyond? If not, here are some of the most important technology trends which, whether you invest in immediately or simply keep on your radar, you ignore at the competitive peril of your business.

New Levels of Data Security
Keeping on top of data security is no small feat. With 100% secure systems seemingly the stuff of fantasy, next year's developments in security will be focused on applications. Initiatives to consider for IT risk mitigation and security might include:

  • Static and dynamic application security testing
  • Application design that includes security awareness
  • Adaptive and context-aware access controls

Add More Cloud Power to Business Apps
As an increasing number of businesses turn to self-service cloud computing models, vendors will concentrate more efforts on hosted infrastructure, platforms and applications. As the technology evolves, emphasis will start to be placed on applications which can run on multiple devices simultaneously. Business users will gain benefits from the use of two or more screens, as well as wearable devices on which to view and manage data within a single open app session.

The Internet of Things, People and Places
The Internet of Things will continue to grow in 2015. Internet-connected devices will start to appear everywhere, not just in our hands, but in the environment around us. Over time, maintaining control of all endpoints from which employees conduct your business will become impossible. On the other hand, substantial advantages stand to be gained from new business models enabled by such widespread connectivity.

Big Data, Bigger Analytics
Next year will start to see a blurring of the edges between dedicated analytics tools and apps with complex integrated analytic capabilities. The "big" in big data will begin to shrink as analytics development focuses more on seamless delivery of actionable data direct to users of business management applications. It makes sense to take these advances into account in your IT strategy, due to the enhanced decision-making capabilities afforded by embracing them.

Software-defined Dynamism
As the fast-changing digital business platforms require flexibility and adaptability improvements, computing generally will begin to make less use of static models. Networked applications will increasingly reach out to one another and interact. API's are becoming more advanced and will ultimately enable software to dynamically adjust the configuration of data centers, storage, and networking on an "as required" basis. The result will be faster businesses that can adapt more effectively and scale resources up and down quickly and effortlessly.

Print Your Own Office Furniture
More correctly known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing enables the use of various materials to create items directly from design software. In the same way that you can print a complex document directly from MS Word today, 3D printing enables you to print an item directly from a CAD application. Over the next few years, many areas of manufacturing will be massively disrupted by 3D printing technology. Sales of 3D printers are expected to increase by almost 100% next year, with another doubling of the market in 2016.

Perhaps all of these developments are relevant to your company, perhaps only some of them. It's highly unlikely that you can ignore all of them. Data security especially is likely to be at the top of your agenda, since it will be a priority for customers. Click here to have Tri-Copy give you a free managed IT consultation for your business.